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Skating is an amazing kind of sport. If you're captivated with it as well as we do, join us and enjoy the beauty of every movement. Suchmuchfunwwithmaths is a well-known skating school that provides every member with an opportunity to master the sliding kind of sport. Challenge your body, your will and abilities!

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Imagine yourself wearing sparkling costumes, loud music and flying over the ice! Our instructors are the best in this field so you'll be guided by masters of sports and real professionals! Try the feeling of being as light as a feather.

Suchmuchfunwwithmaths welcomes everyone to join the classes and improve health and physical condition.

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  • A Month Membership
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  • 3 trainings for a week
  • High quality racing skates
  • Cafeteria available
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  • 6 Months Membership
  • Ongoing
  • 5 trainings a week
  • High quality racing skates
  • Beautiful dances set
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  • A Year Membership
  • Professional
  • Not limited trainings
  • High quality racing skates
  • Beautiful dances set
  • Access to kids room
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Clients' Testimonials

Suchmuchfunwwithmaths helped me to get rid of complexes and balance much better.

This Is Our Story

Suchmuchfunwwithmaths is a skating school that started it's history from a big love! Once, a beautiful couple shared ice and drowned in dance. They felt, that ice bined them and fall in love with full hearts!

Soon, in a year, they started a new project. They opened a skating school that announced itself as the best one. So, more then 10 years passed by but the school holds its position.

Mary and Tony, the beginners of the school

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