A very stupid SMTP participant.


  • :server – the IP address or hostname of the SMTP server/gateway (defaults to ‘’)
  • :port – the port of the SMTP server/gateway (defaults to 25)
  • :from – the from mail address (mandatory)
  • :to – the to mail address[es]
  • :template – a String template for the mail message
  • :notification – when set to true, the flow will resume immediately after having sent the email


                :server => ''
                :port => 25,
                :to => '',
                :from => '',
                :notification => true,
                :template => "Subject: ${f:email_subject}\n\nno good.")

Process variable / workitem field substitution works the same as in
process definitions (in this example, the workitem field email_subject will
be used as the subject of the email…)

:to or workitem.fields[‘email_target’]

The target of the email is either given via the workitem field
‘email_target’, either by the option :to. The workitem field takes
precedence if both are present.

This parameter/option may be either a single (string) email address, either
an array of (string) email addresses.

final note : mail listener

This participant cannot read POP/IMAP accounts for you. You have to
use a mail listener or get a web reply by placing a link in the message…