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Some posts, mostly gleaned from some selected blogs. More under my Delicious’ BPM tag. It’s an ongoing effort.

There are many people writing about these subjects, my goal here is to gather the most sincere and passionate, to my knowledge.


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  • The Problem with BPM Flowcharts – “The real-world process knowledge is however hidden in a) functions performed by different agents who influence state changes on business entities and b) patterns of entity states and attributes that cause different agents to perform certain functions, and c) a variety of complex business events that can change entity states at any time”
  • The Danger of Centralized Workflows – “It’s been my experience that the majority of logic ends up revolving around “exception management”. While it is possible for an experienced developer not to be ‘duped’ by the things that these visual tools make easy, the question is whether those tools are appropriate once you realize the non-sequential nature of the world.” (from the comments)


  • Column 2 – Sandy Kemsley’s blog on BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business
  • JT on EDM – James Taylor on Everything Decision Management